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My New Hamburg Mural Project - a photo story

Getting the drawing on the wall

To get started, I have to take my drawings, get them printed on clear acetate and then use an overhead projector to blow them up on the wall. Fortunately I had lots of help from my friend, Greg Shinnie. We had to build a scaffold to get the projector into position, then I go up with my Skyjack and draw the design on the wall with magic markers. All this has to be set up and taken down over the course of several evenings. And, we had to quit by 11 because of the noise from the Skyjack.

First Mural, first colours

I got a late start on this job. My father got very ill and died in June of the year I did this. (2016) Fortunately, the weather was very good that year - right into October, and I got one and a half murals done.

First mural - partially done

The theme for this mural is "MOPARFEST". All the murals have themes to do with the history of the Fairgrounds and Racetrack.

MOPARFEST - finished
second mural - started

The theme for this one is "The Wilmot Agricultural Society"

The end of the Season

This is as far as I got the first year

The Wilmot Agricultural Society

Finished! - early in year two

A start on the next one

The them here was "The COUNT B" the most famous racehorse to ever come from this area. He started here and became nationally famous.

The Count

Here he is - finished.

The Count's Grave

When he died, this horse was actually buried beneath the track at the fairgrounds here - complete with an elaborate tombstone!


A start on "The New Hamburg Marching Band"

Close-up - "The Fall Fair"
The Fall Fair

I watched the real thing while I was working on this.


a smaller mural on the end of the building

My trusty Skyjack

I'm working on the mural depicting the famous Mennonite Relief Sale

Here it is - finished!

This was last mural for 2017. I had one more to do, depicting "Hockey" around the corner in a very hard to reach spot. Next year!

Here's my messy "office" on the deck of the Skyjack
Overview at the end of 2017
more beautiful fall weather that year

You can see in this picture why it was very hard to do the last mural. The ground below was on a slope so my regular Skyjack machine wouldn't work.

Articulated lift

So, I had to rent this machine, capable of a huge range of movement. Also capable of going much higher than I would ever take it! I don't really like heights!


The last of the eight murals finished, showing players in vintage New Hamburg team uniforms.

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